Monday, April 11, 2011

Build a Stormraven Part 07: Iconic!

In part 7 of Building/Painting a Stormraven, I'm gonna go over the icons I used for extra decoration.  First off, the Stormraven comes with plastic relief icons of the basic Blood Angels "winged blood droplet".    I used one of these on the front right of the vehicle, but I also had some left over Blood Angels icons from the Baal Predator kit.  You can also buy these icons separately at The War Store's bitz store.

The first icon I'll go over is the angel dropping blood from a chalice on the left wing.   For all the icons I used a white base coat to make the colors really pop and the fact that the colors were mostly whites and light colors.  I painted the scrolled portion and the angel's garment Bleached Bone.  I kept the wings white and used Blood Red for the actual blood droplet.   I used Dwarf Flesh as a based for the face and highlighted with Elf Flesh.  For the gold crown I used Shining Gold and then a Burnished Gold Highlight.  After all the base colors were painted, I washed the wings with Azurman (?) Blue Wash and then highlighted with Bone White.   For the scroll portion and garments and used a Devlan Mud wash and then Highlighted again with Bleached Bone.   I highlighted the blood droplet with Blazing Orange and then Skull White for the specular reflection.  I then used Chaos Black and a very fine brush to put in the text.

For the Skull/Chalice icon on the right wing, I based the gold parts with Shining gold and then used a Ogryn Flesh wash in the groves.  Then I highlighted with Burnished Gold and then Mithril Silver.   For the skull portion I used a Gryphonne Sepia wash and then highlighted with Bone White.   The blood droplet and scroll portions were the same as the left wing icon.

For the Blood Angels symbol on the gold starburst located on the front left, I painted the wings similar to above but made the Azurman wash 1:1 with water.   The outer ring behind the wings is a Chainmail base with Mithril Silver highlights.   For the scroll portion, I used a Gryphonne Sepia wash instead of Devlan Mud and it had a warmer look to it.

For the main Blood Angels symbol located on the front right, I painted it very similar to the last icon.  After I was finished with all the symbols I went back and put Devlan Mud into the crevices surround the icon where it touches the hull.  This helps the icon punch forward and stand out.

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