Monday, January 31, 2011

More Blood Angels info and some nice painted models from GW

Blood Angels vs Orks! Third War for Armageddon scenerios ready for download

Scenerios for Blood Angels and Orks battles for Armageddon are now available for download:

Blood Angels Army Building Tactis from White Dwarf

Here's a pdf link to an article from White Dwarf when the Blood Angels were relaunched:

New Blood Angels Campaign PDF available for download

Here's a link to a new campaign designed for Blood Angels and Tyranids:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stormraven Tactics from Games Workshop

Here's an article about how to use your Stormraven.   I personally like the idea of using it with my Death Company and DC Furioso.   Also, I like the idea of Terminators being able to assault right off the bat.  Either way my Stormraven will be anti mech in its weapons loadout:  TL Lascannons and TL MultiMeltas sounds good to me.   The fact that it can fly right behind enemy tanks is nice too.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cool 360 degree view of the Stormraven model

Here's a link to a cool 360 degree rotatable graphic so you can view the new Stormraven model.   Very cool tech on the GW website and a new article addressing the new wave of Blood Angels models!

New Blood Angels Battleforce deploys February 5th

An official Blood Angels Battleforce will be deploying February 5th for $100.   I'm gonna be honest, I'm not too impressed with this Battleforce.   It's $10 more than the regular Space Marines Battleforce and you get less models.    For the Blood Angels version you'll get:  1 rhino, 10 Tacticals, 5 Assault and 5 Death Company.   For the Space Marines you get:  1 rhino, 15 Tacticals, 5 Assault and 5 Scouts.   I guess your paying for all the little details on those Death Company guys.   Meh.  You don't even get cool Blood Angels themed shoulder pads, you still have to use decals :(.   Again, meh. 

If it were up to me I would have charged $90 and included the following in the Blood Angels force:   1 Rhino, 10 Tacticals, 10 Assault and 5 Death Company.     Here are pictures:

New Stormraven model deploying February 5th

The new Stormraven model will be released February 5th.   I'll definately be picking one up along with the new Furioso plastic model.    Not sure if this thing will fit in my Army Transport foam trays but I can get pretty creative, we'll see.   Here are some pictures:

New Plastic Furioso with Death Company and Librarian options

Well its finally announced.   The new plastic Furioso kit will be released February 5th.   I already have a regular metal Furioso, a custom Death Company and custom Librarian Dread made.   But I think I'm gonna pick this up and make a regular Furioso with it to use with my brand new Stormraven ;).   My heavy metal Furioso would break that thing with the weight of it heheh.   Here are official picts:

Friday, January 14, 2011

More up close shots of Furioso sprue

Lots of great Blood Angels details.  You can make a regular Furioso, death company or Librarian dread.   Though I still like my Librarian Dread better ;).

Here's a link to the Bell of Lost Soul's article:


Friday, January 7, 2011

New Stormraven pict and Plastic Furioso sprue

Here are a couple new shots of the forthcoming Stormraven kit and a shot of a new plastic Furioso Dreadnought sprue.   Notice the halberd like weapon at the top, must be for the Librarian Furioso loadout.   Very nice!  I will be buying one of each ;)....

DoA versus Razorback spam army lists... FIGHT!

Interesting article from BoLS comparing Descent of Angels army list and Razorback spam army list: