Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Turn 8 podcast guest appearance!

OK guys, with the tsunami of 6th edition rumors swirling around the net the past couple days, it's Turn 8's turn to inspect, dissect and respekt (?) the alleged "new" rules.  I was called in because the LAST time I was on the podcast we talked about 6th edition rules rumors.  Overall, I really like the new rules and I'm itching to do some test games with the new rules.  I also think that this thing is way to detail and polished to be a hoax.  I could totally see GW using this leak as a sort of beta test for the new rules.  And if that was the idea, its worked great because EVERYONE is talking about it and various blogs are even doing battle reports with the new rules.  Also, in a rare showing of solidarity, reaction to these rules are generally universally positive (at least in the forums I've read).  

Anyway, without any further delay, here is the latest Turn 8 podcast, Episode 15: The Mother Load: