Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Assault Marines Painted!

In preparation for the Escalation league at Brave New Worlds AND the Berks Spring Assault I have been feverishly been painting my Blood Angels.   I just finished 2 squads (technically 1 and a half).  The ones with the black knee pad with the blood droplet are 4th squad and the ones with the black knee pad with the white "X" are 5th squad.   All are from the Blood Angels' 4th Company "The Knights of Baal". 

Right now I'm starting my Assault Terminator squad which includes 3 Lightening Claw Terminators, 2 Thunderhammer Stormshield Terminators and my Librarian with Terminator Armour and a Stormshield.  I also have to paint up a Sanguinary Priest with a Jump Pack.   Hopefully I'll be done by the 21st!

Probably sometime shortly after Berks Spring Assault (April 21st!), I will be posting tutorial/painting guides for my Assault Marines, Assault Terminators, Librarian and Sanguinary Priest.  So keep your eyes peeled for those.

Here are the picts: