Thursday, December 30, 2010

Descent of Angels Army List

Here's a Descent of Angels focused army list from Bell of Lost Souls:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stormraven Army List from BoLS

Here's a link to a Stormraven list.   It uses Sanguinor's extra attack giving ability and doesn't have many troops, but it's got plenty of Stormravens.   I'll definately be picking up one of the new models in February,  I know its ugly but its a pug like ugly if you asked me.   Chibi-hawk!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rumor: Pict of Official Stormraven kit accidently posted on GW's site?

Here's an alleged pict and text of the official Stormraven model that was accidently/temporarily posted on GW's UK site:

"Over the next few pages, we will be taking a look at how to paint the Blood Angels Stormraven Gunship, including how to weather the vehicle and paint the interior detail. A great addition and centrepiece model for any Blood Angels army, this will be an invaluable guide to help you get the most from this fantastic kit.

Death from Above
The Stormraven Gunship is an incredibly versatile craft, able to fulfill the roll of orbital dropship, armoured transport and strike aircraft in a way that few, or indeed any, ships could hope to match. The Stormraven ensures that the Blood Angels remain undisputed masters of the skies, as dominant in the air as their troops are on the ground. Smaller and nimbler than the more cumbersome Thunderhawk Gunships, the Stormraven's compact hull and vectored thrusters enable it to operate at maximum efficiency in all but the densest terrain. A Stormraven can often be seen hurtling straight into the heart of the enemy forces, unleashing its considerable arsenal in a terrifying display of firepower, before disgorging a squad, Dreadnought, or even both, into the thick of the fighting.

On the tabletop
With its potent firepower, speed and transport capacity, the uses of a Stormraven on the battlefield are myriad, but its role of choice is as an unparalleled assault vehicle. With a huge variety of weapon options, and no less than four tank-busting Bloodstrike Missiles, both enemy infantry and vehicles alike fear drawing the attention of its guns. A transport capacity of 12 combined with the ability to safely carry a Dreadnought to battle as well certainly proves the Stormraven to be a transport vehicle of the very finest quality. This unique combination of speed, firepower and transport capacity means that a Stormraven can support any tactical preference, so there is always a place for it in any Blood Angels army.

Nick: A Stormraven will be the focal point of your army, so it's well worth giving it a lot of attention when painting it. These techniques can effectively be applied to any other vehicles in your Blood Angels army too, so keep this in mind and you will have a great looking fleet of vehicles in no time. I painted this Stormraven to match the battleforce that I painted for the Blood Angels army workshop in February 2011's White Dwarf; it's part of the 3rd Company, in keeping with the rest of the models. As a personal touch, I've weathered the model to appear heavily battle worn, but if you wish to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, skip page 6 and you'll have an immaculate vehicle, fresh as if at the beginning of a campaign.

Accompanying text.

(Thanks to Brother Constentine and Fobster and all the others who saved the pics and the text before they took it down)"

Warseer forum link

BOLS: Importance of Sanguinary Priests in BA army lists

Here's an article from Bell of Lost Souls about the importance of Sanguinary Priests in Mech army lists:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lovely Death Company models at GW blog

Here's a link to some lovely painted Death Company models.   BTW my Death Company performed splendidly this past weekend in a 3 on 3 IMperial versus Chaos Space Marine epic 4500 battle.   I had a team of 9 Death Company with a Reclusiarch (no jump packs) and a Death Company Dreadnought that made mince meat of 2 units of Nurgle Space Marines, 2 units of Lesser Daemons and even a unit of Nurgle Terminators.  They MORE than made up there points (they are pretty expensive).   I know Beasts of War aren't a big fan of the fact that they have Rage and you cant control their movement, BUT if you deploy them properly (aka either flank) they only have one way to go, so I do believe they are worth using. Very killy indeed.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Jawaballs Blood Angels list

Interesting new list from Jawaballs.   I use Death company with a Reclusiarch right now but I may have to try the Librarian w/Unleash Rage, Priest and 5man Assault Squad combo...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beasts of War Video: Deep Striking!!!

Here's a video about the pros and cons of Deep Striking.   Figuring its a big part of any Blood Angels army I'm reposting here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another awesome Blood Angels Fellblade

Here's another awesome Blood Angels Fellblade from Bell of Lost Souls:


BoLS: Baal Predator Flamestorm Cannon tactics

Tips for using Baal Predator with Flamestorm Cannon

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Primed and Ready!

I did a CRAPLOAD of priming over Labor Day weekend.  The weather in the Philly area was gorgeous so I primed a ton of models, especially my Blood Angels.   Here's the breakdown:   2 regular drop pods, 1 death company drop pod, 1 vindicator, 1 razorback/rhino, 1 whirlwind/rhino, 1 death company rhino, 5 sanguinary guard, 5 jump pack death company, 5 death company, 1 land speeder, 1 attack bike, 15 assault marines, 15 tactical marines, 5 Scout Snipers, 12 Space Hulk Terminators.... plus a throng of Dwarfs!

Still have a lot to build/prime before the weather gets cold including:  Baal Predator, Furioso Dread, Death Company Dread, Librarian Dread, Landraider, Devastator Squad, Death Company squad, Sanguinary Guard Squad, Assault Marine Squad.  Plus, Dwarf Hammers, Anvil of Doom and King Thorek on the Throne of Whatever.   Lots of work before it gets cold!   I'll be busy!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blood Angels Golden Deamon Winners (these are not mine!)

Here's a link to some pictures of this year's Golden Deamon Winners at Gamesday:

Here are some of the Blood Angel winners:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Post: Building a Librarian Dreadnought

Ok.  In my first post, I'll show you my progress with my Librarian Dreadnought.   Haven't thought of a name for him yet but I'll do some fluff research and post when I come up with one.  

First, I started with an old, metal Venerable Dreadnought kit.   You'll see it takes up most of the conversion with the torso, legs and shield plate on the right arm.   For the arms, I used the plastic arms of the Ironclad Dreadnought kit.   The right arm is a basic Blood Fist with Heavy bolter with the Venerable arm shield plate added. 

For the left arm, the army book states that it's a Force Weapon.  I saw a good conversion on Dakka Dakka that I really liked so I copied how he did it basically.   He took the left arm of an Ironclad Dread kit and filed down the chainsaw weapon.  Then he cut out a blade to fit exactly over where the chains used to be.

As you can see in the picts, wherever there was a skull I added the ram horns that is typical with Librarians.   I also added a Psychic Hood which was basically a space marine shoulder pad cut and filed to look like a Psychic Hood.   I used green stuff to create the power cables going into the hood.   Also, I took a small skull plastic bitz and added greenstuff horns right above the Psychic Hood.   The Librarian Book was taken from a generic Space Marine Librarian model.   I used part of a banner staff to keep the book upright with two filed ammo boxes to keep that steady.  

Next steps, I'll be using more greenstuff to put ornate patterns on the Force weapon and part of the arm.   Right now I'm looking for suitable power cable bits that can go into the blade and make it look "powered".  More updates to come.