Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beasts of War: Death Company Army List

Here's a video on Beasts of War's take on a Death Company Army list:

Beasts of War: Tips on playing Death Company

Here are some tips from Beasts of War on playing Blood Angels Death Company.  They don't seem to be too keen on them, but I think they can be an effective fire magnet.   Basically I never use them with jump packs, and put them in a rhino or better yet a land raider to run them up a flank.

If you are on the flanks it tends to negate some of the negatives of the Rage rule they have.   If you're on either flank, you can only go towards the middle of the table and towards an enemy, so they will always veer in the general direction you want once they are out of their transport.

Also, I pretty much always run a Reclusiarch with them.  Who knows, if rumors are true about the Rage rule changing to a leadership test based check, Death Company could become a MUCH more viable unit to use.

Beasts of War: Death Company What's in the Box Video

Here's a quick breakdown of what bits are in the Blood Angels Death Company kit:

Beasts of War: Building Blood Angels Death Company Video

Here's another video from Beasts of War on how to build Blood Angels Death Company:

Beasts of War: Painting Blood Angel Death Company Video

Here's a detailed tutorial from Beasts of War on how to paint Blood Angels Death Company marines:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beasts of War: Blood Angels Dreadnoughts

Beasts of War goes over all the different Dreadnoughts that Blood Angels get to use:

Beasts of War: Building a Baal Predator

Here's a long video (almost 45 minutes) on how to build a Baal Predator:

Beasts of War: Red Thirst Special Rule

Here's another rules video about Blood Angels Red Thirst rule:

Beasts of War: Baal's Can't Shoot Forward???

Here's a more tongue in cheek/rules lawyering video from Beasts of War (I don't think you should take it TOO seriously)

Beasts of War: Descent of Angels Rules Video

Here's another rules focused video from Beasts of War about the Blood Angel's Descent of Angels rule.

Beasts of War: Baal Predator Video

Beasts of War had great video coverage when the recent Blood Angels codex was release a few years ago and they're reposting them on their YouTube channel so I thought I would share/index them here in my blog.   Yes, its a repost of someone else's content, but I view this blog as a reservoir for all things Blood Angels.   I scour the internet for useful articles and like to repost them here because its easier for me (and you) to access them all in one place solely dedicated to Blood Angels stuff.   So you will see a few more reposted videos as they post them ;).

Friday, May 4, 2012

Images from Berks Spring Assault 3

Hey, I finally got my picts ready to show from Berks Spring Assault 3.   Overall I had a blast this year.   The venue was MUCH improved with plenty of space for 40 tables.   There were almost 80 players total which was a resounding success.   I didn't do so well myself (my list was more what I could get painted well in time heheh), but I did play against some very cool people.   I really like the fact that sportsmanship is a major part of scoring and it really reflected in the games I played.  Everyone was very cool and fun to play against.

Prize support was awesome as usual.  First off there was a "chinese" auction where you got raffle tickets for participating.  You could also purchase more tickets to increase your chances to win as well.  The top prize was a Citadel Realms of Battle gaming board with various books, custom terrain and 40k boxes available to choose.  I won a Necron Triarch Preatorians/Lychguard box which will obviously hint on an upcoming army for me heh.

The main prizes were even better.  The top 3 overall won their pick of a prize PLUS a case from KR multicase.   I got 3rd place in the army painting/appearance competition and picked up a Necron Ghost Ark/Doomsday Ark kit to add to my new Necron collection.  Overall Brave New Worlds did very well too:  Sam from BNW got 4th place with his Pedobear Imperial Guard, Kung Fu Dave won best Space Wolves for his purple puppies, Phil won best Dark Eldar army, also Derek won a Golden Grot award for his mounted Demon model.

Overall, it was a very good turnout.  There weren't TOO many Grey Knights players and there was a good diversity of armies.  Steel Thunder Mike is planning on expanding and having a Forgeworld legal tournament this fall as a replacement to Ard Boys as well as a "Winter Assault" this december that will also be a fund raiser to help fight cancer.  I know I will definately be participating in both, it'll be a good excuse to buy a Contemptor for my Blood Angels heheh.

Anyway here are some picts:

Trophy for my 3rd place best appearance award with prizes below:

Derek battling with his Grey Knights

Kevin and his Space Marines

Kevin, Sam and Phil "strategerizing"

 Opy and Rich from the Turn-8 podcast

Opy's Eldar army on his glorious new Turn-8 themed x-board display board

Phil in a Dark Eldar vs Dark Eldar match

4th place Sam dominating with his Pedobear Imperial Guard

 Scott and Kung Fu Dave have a Necron vs Space Wolves battle

Marc "Can a Brotha get a Six?" Smith's Woodland Ranger Space Marines

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shout out from GW for my Assault Terminators!

Ok after posting my Assault Termies here on the blog and then submitting them on GW's flickr pool group I woke up this morning to this nice shout out from GW on their Facebook page:

They also posted a few of my flickr images on their "From the Flickr Pool" section (in the upper right) of their blog so be sure to check it out!