Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beasts of War: Tips on playing Death Company

Here are some tips from Beasts of War on playing Blood Angels Death Company.  They don't seem to be too keen on them, but I think they can be an effective fire magnet.   Basically I never use them with jump packs, and put them in a rhino or better yet a land raider to run them up a flank.

If you are on the flanks it tends to negate some of the negatives of the Rage rule they have.   If you're on either flank, you can only go towards the middle of the table and towards an enemy, so they will always veer in the general direction you want once they are out of their transport.

Also, I pretty much always run a Reclusiarch with them.  Who knows, if rumors are true about the Rage rule changing to a leadership test based check, Death Company could become a MUCH more viable unit to use.

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