Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blood Angels custom dice!

After making some custom Blood Angels magnets for my car, I also went ahead and made some custom dice to use when I play my Blood Angels army.   I chose Chessex Dice because I was familiar with them and while their site SERIOUSLY needs a redesign (and a shopping cart system!!!), it was the best option out there.   I was really happy with the results, take a look for yourself:

With shipping (and a velvet dice bag) 20 custom dice cost me around $30.   Not too bad.   I played a practice 2500pt Ard Boyz game with my friend Kung Fu Dave and his Tyranids and they served me well.   They didn't roll like weighted dice or anything but they didn't come up all ones either ;).

Some details about the dice.  They are "bigger" dice or about 16mm each, not huge but not the small dice that Chessex sells in their "dice blocks" you see at most stores.  It was basically about $1 each for the dice.  As I stated above, Chessex doesn't have a shopping cart system of any sort so I had to email them through their order email on their site.  Here is a link to the custom dice page:

I got a prompt response from Joseph Kogin.   I requested what options I had for for red dice and here is what he responded with:

"Currently, I have the following "Red" dice available with the "6" face
Opaque Red/white
Signature Gemini Blue-Red/White
Signature Gemini Purple-Red/gold
Signature Scarab Scarlet/gold
Signature Velvet Black/red
Signature Vortex Burgundy/gold
Most of these colors are only partially red or have red print on them
as in the case of the Velvet Black/red color.  The color after the "/"
is the color of the print on the non-custom faces of the dice.
I can accept most standard formats and can definitely use .AI, PSD or
.PDF format files if you want to leave your art in its native format.
Images that can be rendered in a one-color format (2 bit) would be
best for this process.  There is not need for your to scale the image
to size.  Full resolution images will generally make for better
engravings.  If you send pixel art as opposed to vectored images,
please send it in a relatively high resolution.  300 DPI would be
great, though simpler designs can be rendered at lower resolutions."

I used Adobe Illustrator to trace a scan of the Blood Angels symbol from a Space Marine decal sheet.   If you make your own make sure its one color and try not to make lines that are too thin, they may not show up too well when its cut out of the dice face.  Here is a 300dpi jpeg of that Blood Angels symbol for anyone who wants to use it to make their own dice (click on image to download the print quality version):

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blood Angels magnets for sale! Nerd gang signs for your car!

Just got a batch of Blood Angels magnets in today and they came out great.    I made a clear decal earlier and while it looked nice on my car window the contrast was a bit low, especially when compared to these magnets.    Also, the price I paid for one decal was the same price for 10 magnets!  

They are 3.25" x 3.25" and pretty much perfect for the back of your car (or on your refrigerator?)

So, seeing that I only need 1 or 2 of these myself, I'm gonna sell the rest to fellow Blood Angels players for $4 each.  Unless I see you at Brave New Worlds in Willow Grove, PA, I'll have to mail them out and that will add some cost too.  I'll wait to see if I get any bites before I figure out how much it'll be but I can't imagine it'll be more than $3-4 extra bucks (don't quote me on that hehe).   You'll also need to use Paypal to pay me. 

If you're interested, please email me at:

... email me and I'll get back to you with how much shipping will be and give you my Paypal address for payment. 

Also, I have art for other space marine factions and other 40k related stuff so I plan to make different magnets in the future so keep your eyes peeled on my blog.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guest appearance on Turn 8 podcast!

Rich, Opy and Bill from Turn 8 podcast were gracious enough to invite me to the latest episode of their 40k podcast this week.  For those who don't know, Turn 8 is a podcast with a noob (Rich), rules maestro (Opy), and the grizzled veteran (Bill) giving unique perspectives to all things 40k.  They also have a unique take on battle reports that play sorta like a "radio screenplay". 

In this episode, we talk about Necron rumors, Kill Team for Xbox 360 and 6th edition rumors (we spend a lot of time on this... there are a lot of interesting things allegedly coming with the new rules set next year).

Here's the link to Episode 4: A New Hope -