Friday, February 10, 2012

Painter Spotlight: Winterdyne

Hey Guys,

Found another great flickr set, this time its a group of guys called Winterdyne from the UK.   They do a lot of different armies but they have a sizable amount of Blood Angels in their portfolio.  Not only are they excellent painters but they do excellent conversions as well (see Mephiston etc below)  Oh by the way, they also accept commissions, though I'm not sure if they ship internationally.  At the very least they can certainly inspire you to make your Blood Angels look as good as possible!

Here's their Blood Angels focused flickr feed:

Also, here is their blog/site with info on commissions:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Painter Spotlight: Fentloozler! from Flickr

Here's another great set of fully painted Blood Angels from FentLoozler! at Flickr.   They are very crisp, clean paint jobs, especially on the vehicles.  Very nice work!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Painter Spotlight: Joescotchegg from Flickr

Was looking through GW's flickr pool and found some really nice blood angel terminators (and other units) by joescotchegg.   I'm entering the 2nd phase of our escalation league at Brave New Worlds and that means I need to build/paint some Lightening Claw Terminators, a Terminator Librarian and make my Land Raider into a Land Raider Crusader for the 1000pt version of my army.   I'll definately be looking at Joe's terminators for inspiration.   He seems to have a great handle on the blending technique... something I need to start practicing.   Guess those lightening claws will be a good place to start... Check out his link and a few sample picts below:

Friday, February 3, 2012

Space Wolves icon for Custom Dice

Hey guys,

Some of you may remember the custom dice I made for my Blood Angels last summer (see below image).  Someone on Bolter and Chainsword had asked me to make a graphic for Space Wolves (and Raven Guard, thats coming soon) so they could make their own custom dice too. requires a simple, black and white icon so I reworked the Space Wolves icon/logo to their specs.  Check it out below and feel free to use it or send it to your Space Wolves friends to make their own dice.


First, Make sure you click on the space Wolves icon below.  

Second, after it brings you to the gallery view of the image (the page will go black and show you a big version of the SW icon), right click (or control click for mac) on that image and choose "View image" to see the high quality image.  This will take you to the high quality print version Chessex will need to make your custom dice.  

Third, right click/control click the image and chose "Save Image as..." to save it to your computer.  The high quality version should be about 180kb.