Friday, August 26, 2011

Bell of Lost Souls: How to beat Blood Angels Razorspam

Here's an article on how to go up against one of the better Blood Angels army builds out there:  Razorback Spam.  

My razorspam list is bit different than this guy, though.  First I only have one Vindicator, though I would love to have two for my Ard Boyz list.  I have Thunderhammer/Storm Shield Assault Terminators with a Terminator Librarian buzzin around in my Stormraven.   I also have Dante with a unit of Sanguinary Guard to be a surgical strike force in charge of taking care of critical locations on the board.   Lastly I have alot more sanguinary priests out there to make sure my troops have Furious Charge and Feel No Pain.   So with 5 Razorbacks filled with Assault Marines, it is a Razorspam list, but I have balanced it with some other units.   Once Ard Boyz is done I'll post my list, I had good success with it in the Preliminary round and I hope to do some damage in the Semi's over at Showcase Comics.   Anyone else playing a Razorspam list right now?

Here's the article:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Great Tank Weathering Painting techniques from Jack Campbell

While these tanks look great, I do think the weathering itself overshadows the actual paint scheme of the tank/army here.  Nonetheless, when used in moderation, I will definately find these techniques quite useful and making my tanks more realistic looking.   Awesome stuff.  Check out the the link: