Monday, April 30, 2012

Assault Terminators, Terminator Librarian and Sanguinary Priest Painted!

OK, in preparation for the Berks Spring Assault I have been furiously painting at a turtle's pace!   Last post we had my Assault Marines which were the back bone of my army list but now comes the elite heavy hitters.   I made a unit of 5 Assault Terminators (2 with Thunderhammer/Stormshields and 3 with Lightening Claws) and attached a Terminator Librarian with a Stormshield.  

The Librarian has Unleash Rage (Preferred Enemy - reroll hits) and Sanguinary Sword (Str 10 attacks for Librarian).   The Unleash Rage makes the Lightening Claw Termies particularly devastating because they can reroll hits AND wounds (rerolling hits for everyone else doesn't hurt either).  The Sanguinary Sword is nice against vehicles and other tough things as well, making this a good all comers unit.

I ran these guys in my Stormraven (though I would recommend a Land Raider normally, Stormraven's never seem to last more than a turn or two of shooting).  I chose the Stormraven for 2 reasons:  1) Its fully painted and my goal this year for Berks was to win something for my painted army (more details on that to come) and 2) its cheaper than a land raider and will let me take a Sanguinary Priest. 

I will post some details of their exploits in an upcoming post covering my experience at this years Berks Spring Assault.   But in the meantime, here are the finish models:

Any questions about how I modelled or painted them, please feel free to leave a comment.  I will be posting results/experiences from this years Berks Spring Assault this week or next and I will be doing a painting tutorial for an Assault Marine and another one for an Assault Terminator in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled!