Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lovely Death Company models at GW blog

Here's a link to some lovely painted Death Company models.   BTW my Death Company performed splendidly this past weekend in a 3 on 3 IMperial versus Chaos Space Marine epic 4500 battle.   I had a team of 9 Death Company with a Reclusiarch (no jump packs) and a Death Company Dreadnought that made mince meat of 2 units of Nurgle Space Marines, 2 units of Lesser Daemons and even a unit of Nurgle Terminators.  They MORE than made up there points (they are pretty expensive).   I know Beasts of War aren't a big fan of the fact that they have Rage and you cant control their movement, BUT if you deploy them properly (aka either flank) they only have one way to go, so I do believe they are worth using. Very killy indeed.



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