Monday, April 4, 2011

Build a Stormraven Part 02: Stormraven! Assemble!

Ok, in part one I painted the inside and now we're ready to glue it together.  The instructions that came with the kit are actually quite good and thorough so I basically stuck close to that.  But, I use the Sabol Designs Army Transport carrying cases and foam, so, I had to leave the wings detachable so I didnt have to buy a big new GW case to carry it around. 

So I basically just glued the main body together except for the top turret and top intake vent.   I left the front hatch openable but I chose glue the back hatch closed because the model design seemed like it would keep falling off if i didnt.   I didn't glue down the pilot canopy so I could paint that in detail as well.   I also made sure not to glue down the jet fans by the front landing gear and on the ends of the wings.    I'm using my Stormraven as a transport/anti-mech option so I glued down the meltas in the front and I glued the Lascannons on the top turret (I figure I can just buy top turret bits from bits store online if I ever wanted to change the top turret).  I also decided to to just glue in the Hurricane bolters in case I ever use them (and they also look awesome).

In the next installment, priming and magnetizing...

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