Friday, April 8, 2011

Build a Stormraven Part 06: All your base are belong to us!

In part 06, I'll tell how I made the base to my Stormraven.   For my Blood Angels army, I want them to have urban themed bases.  In fact I wanted them to be a post apocalyptic urban rubble look just like their home planet, Baal.  Eventually if I ever get enough space (and money), I want to make an urban themed Realm of Battle board for my Blood Angels (I also want to make a desert themed one for my Tau).  

But for now, I wanted to do a real nice rubble laden base for my Stormraven.   Thanks for my friend Kung Fu Dave, I was able to get some scrap terrain bits.   I also had a bunch of actual rocks that I was gonna use as bigger boulders.   I painted all the terrain part first before gluing anything to the base.    I made the terrain masonry a drab Codex grey and then washed it with a 1:1 wash of Black ink/wash and water.   I then painted the metal relief portions with Boltgun Metal and then the same 1:1 wash.   After that I painted the details with Gold and Mithril Silver.  

After this I glued down the larger rocks first, then I glued down patches of GW's gravel base mix and finally filled in the rest with GW's sand base mix.    I primed all the rocks/gravel/sand with black and then drybrushed Codex Grey onto everything.   For the larger rocks I also did a final light drybrush of white along the edges only.

Then I finally glued on all of the terrain rubble portions trying to make them not poke out too far from the main base. 

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