Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Build a Stormraven Part 01: Painting the inside

Ok, so I'm FINALLY posting my walk through of the building and painting of my Blood Angels Stormraven.   So,  obviously I unsprued things and filed down all the mold lines etc.   I decided to actually paint the inside of this thing (for some reason).   First I black primered the interior (not the outside).   Then I used Boltgun Metal to pretty much coat the entire interior (Space Marines are into interior design so much).   I used the Black Ink (Badab black?)  with a half water half ink mix and washed the hole interior.   Then i did a dry brush of Boltgun Metal again to get rid of the "watermarks".  For the walkway ramps, I also did a wash of Devlan Mud to show where the Marines would trudge dirt and grime everwhere when they embark and disembark.

Next step, I used Scorched Brown on the leather seats and highlighted with Bestial Brown.   Gold parts were based with Shining Gold, highlighted with Burnished Gold and then a little bit of Mithril Silver on the points.  

For the tv monitors, on a base of Black, I blended up Regal Blue, then Ultramarine Blue and then Ice Blue going Black in the upper left of the monitor to the lightest blue in the lower right.   I put a few dabs of White to give a shiney look.   I didnt have the Glossy Varnish when I painted these but I would use that in the future after the monitor is done.

For the Red buttons/monitors, I blended up from black with the Mechrite Red Foundation paint and Blood Red adding White dots for the shiny specular reflection.

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