Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to beat Grey Knights with Blood Angels

Bell of Lost Souls had an interesting article on how to beat Grey Knights with your Blood Angels.  I find Grey Knights one of the most challenging armies to go against lately.   They are probably the one of the best or the best close combat army out right now (either them or space wolves).  Whether its an army full of Terminators with I6 Power weapons who also happen to be troop choices, or all those Dreadnoughts with twin linked Psybolt Autocannons that rip my Razorbacks and Stormraven to shreds.  

I've found the meta game is shifting away from the Razorback spam of a year or two ago.   Everyone seems geared to killing a lot of light armor.  I'm considering putting one or two Landraiders in my army lists and having my Assault Marines use Jet packs, relying on their speed because they simply can't go toe to toe with I6 Paladins/Terminators.   I've noticed the need for power weapon and plasma weapon spam has spiked because of all these Grey Knight Terminators.  The problem is you can't really get many of either to your troop choices with Blood Angels.  I've also considered having a stationary Devastator squad to compensate for not using Razorback Lascannons.  Right now I'm testing different 1000pt lists in anticipation of Berks Spring Assault this April.

Anyway here is that article link:


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